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Tips to keep fish happy and healthy inside the Aquarium

No matter which pet you like to have, making it happy, comfortable and providing a feeling of safety becomes your responsibility. Domesticated animals require a lot of love and care from their owners. To get mingled with the new surrounding, they want a lot of attention in the initial few days.However, with fish as a pet, you need to endow a little extra effort in their every phase of life. Right from the time when you bring them home, you require to adjust the ambiance of the aquarium as per their needs. From retaining the apt condition of water to maintaining the light and aquatic plants, all require special heed.If you also love your fish and want them to splash and wriggle in the water happily, the content below will help manifolds. Here, we have provided every bit and pieces of information that makes the fish escalated with contentment.Acclimatize your fish: The first step you need to ponder is how to acclimatize your fish. With a freshwater fish in the aquarium, the need to maintain the water parameters very efficiently becomes essential. You need to work upon nitrates, nitrite and ammonia levels along with that of the pH. Every parameter should meet that of the freshwater. The higher will be the difference in the parameters; the longer fish will take to acclimatize.Allow them to adjust with the temperature: When you bring freshwater fish, you generally get them in a pouch. Do not hurry to transfer the fish directly into the aquarium. Firstly, let the sealed bag of fish float in the tank for at least 15 minutes. This way the fish will get acclimatize with the new temperature of your tank.Later, add some water from the aquarium into the pouch. Repeat the process so that the fish get used to of temperature as well as the chemistry of the new water. It eradicates the chance of fish getting a sudden shock with the new water, its temperature, and composition. Slowly remove the bag and pour off water and let the fish enter into their new abode.Give fish ample of space: In the love of fish; do not try to fill your aquarium with a large number of them. Excess of fish in an aquarium may cause a lack of oxygen. Other than this, the chances of filter getting clogged and water getting degraded due to waste products enhance. All this leads to increasing the fatality of fish. Therefore before deciding the number of fish you want in your aquarium, it is essential to pick the right size of the tank.Condition the water to improve their properties: Tap water comes with many chemicals and other impurities which might not suit the health of fish. To maintain their fitness, it is essential to de-chlorinate the water and add the supplements come exclusively to condition the aquarium water. Once the water becomes aquarium friendly, the aquatic life sustains for longer.Maintain the right pH level: When you get an aquarium, it is advised to get one pH test kit as well. It helps in measuring the acidity and alkalinity of the tank’s water. Generally, pH in between the range of 6.6 to 7.8 suits the aquatic lives. This range contributes to retaining the antiseptic effect in the water thereby fish resist illness. Moreover, pH fluctuation is very common in the aquarium. Therefore, checking regularly helps in maintaining it.Replace aquarium water in the regular interval: Healthy water corresponds to healthy fish. Professional aquarists recommend that hobbyists should replace 25% of aquarium water once in a month. It helps in retaining the concentration of chemicals in a balanced manner. Here, gravel vacuum plays a significant role to siphon out the water and filthy materials from the tank.Maintain the temperature of the water: The temperature requirement of the fish depends upon their original habitat. Therefore maintaining the temperature as per the demand of the fish’s need becomes essential. Here, the place where you keep the aquarium also determines the temperature fluctuation. It is advised not to place the tank at the spot which gets direct sunrays. Likewise, putting them next to heating or air-conditioning vents could also threat problem. A sudden rise or down in temperature may wreak havoc on fish. So, maintaining it is essential for their sustenance.Cleaning is necessary at regular intervals: While some people prefer algae development; some get drifted away with their view. A little growth of algae is indeed good for getting a natural and exotic look of the aquarium, but too much could cause much harm than help. Some of the major concerns people face with too much algae development include-Cloud the tank glass Water looks murky Oxygen gets depleted All this contributes to making the fish ill. Not just the fish but aquatic plants also struggle with getting the proper nutrition for growth and development. Therefore, utilizing different tank cleaning tools like scrub brushes, aquarium algae magnets and much more could help to remove the excess growth of algae from the tank.Keeping these points under your belt could help fish to thrive and flourish better in the aquarium. The chances of getting ill or sudden shock also reduce to a great extent if proper water is maintained inside the aquarium.So, now that you have gained an insight into the tips which could retain the fitness of your fish, it is the time to start working on them. Healthy water will maintain the health of the fish, and a healthy fish will remain happy forever. It will be a delight to watch the wriggling movement of your content and healthy fish.
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