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How to change aquarium water perfectly

If you want your fish to remain happy, healthy and cheerful, a weekly change in water becomes essential. You can control the development of debris, filthy materials, growth of algae and thereby toxins if you maintain the cleanliness of aquarium by regularly changing its water.Why it is neglectedIn spite of knowing the importance of regular change of aquarium water, some hobbyists overlook it. The primary reason behind is people think that changing water is a process full of hassles. Therefore it is usually put on the back burner to be addressed later.Fish love to splurge on fresh water the same way we love to drink the fresh one. When the water gets soiled and has not been changed for a long time, the health of fish starts to deteriorate. In the extreme conditions, they are seen to become pale and later die.If you are also one of those who thinks changing the aquarium water a troublesome process, we will provide you with some quick, easy and painless methodologies for the same. Following them, you would end up getting clear and healthy water in less time and least efforts.The best part of changing the water in an aquarium is you get the opportunity to work on your decorations, clean the already existing ones, and thereby overcome the algae issues. Vacuuming the gravel and cleaning the filter can also be performed during the process. Although it could be little stressful for the fishes, if you make use of right way and tools, the result would be a clean tank and contented fish.Unlike water change, it is not essential to perform the cleaning process on a weekly basis but once a month. This way fish will not get under stress every week, and your purpose will also get solved.Changing water in a small tankWorking on smaller tanks is comparatively easy and simple than working on larger ones. It merely takes 15 minutes to accomplish the whole process and get fresh water inside. You would require the following tools for the process-Small mini-siphon gravel vacuum Bucket Make sure that the bucket you are using is designed only for the fish. They are manufactured keeping the toxic and harmful chemicals at bay which can affect the health of fish.Take the gravel vacuum and siphon out only 30% of water from the tank into the bucket. Discard the old water. Take fresh water in the same bucket and start pouring it into the tank. Your water change for a small tank is accomplished.Changing water in a large tankThis process is little complicated and requires more efforts and time. You may follow the same procedure as used in the small tank that is- using a siphon to repeatedly fill and empty the bucket and later refilling the tank. While with a small tank the process seems easy, with a big one it becomes tiring, time-consuming and a messy procedure to follow.But there is another way as well. The market is flooded with many brands that manufacture high-grade water change systems. They are made especially for the changing the water in large tanks that could save both- time and efforts.These systems drain the water directly from the tank to the sink. There is a long tube which assists the whole process. While one end of the tube gets attached to the faucet of bathroom or kitchen, the other end comprises gravel vac fitting. When the water inside the aquarium gets drained to the set level, you may throw a lever so that the tank starts getting filled.Importance of clean aquariumWhile changing the water is advised to perform on a weekly basis, cleaning the interior, gravel and filtration process should be a monthly or bi-monthly one. Changing water is not very traumatic for the fish and didn’t freak them out, but deep cleaning could lead to stressing them significantly. Therefore utilizing proper ways and methodologies could help in accomplishing the process smoothly.Regular maintenance not only makes the aquarium look clean, bright and alluring but also contributes to imparting good ambiance for the fish. Having a high-grade water changer will make the whole process comfortable and hassle-free. You don’t need to carry buckets to drain, fill and refill the water that creates fatigue and consume time.So get one good quality of water changer if you have a large tank, and for the small aquarium owners, the process is already simple for you. There is no aquarium which doesn’t require maintenance, but with the right tools and planning, a lot of things become simple and free of hassles.It’s time to give your fish a clean and healthy ecosystem so that they can flourish and thrive cheerfully.
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