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Larger Aquarium the Better Aquarium

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Watching the small colorful exotic fish swirling and swimming all around the aquarium is an ultimate stress buster. People who are fond of fish can spend hours watching them. It is not only the kids that get fascinated with the view but the adults as well.Before you get an aquarium, it is essential to plan and learn all about it. From getting detailed know-how about the major components of an aquarium, like fish and aquatic plants to the basic essentialities like lightning and water quality- all hold a prominent place.Other than all these, one of the major dilemmas among the beginners is what size they should opt for their aquarium? Choosing the right fish tank size becomes a matter of apprehension. Although there are many factors which need heed, the beginners often confuse as for whether to go for a big tank or small one for the first time.Those who are into it for the first time and haven’t even got the chance to see others doing it closely should get a small fish bowl instead of an aquarium. It will provide them with a basic knowledge of fish-keeping.In this article, we will discuss the significant pros and cons of a big and small size aquarium. Generally, the aquarists suggest having a bigger aquarium for the sake of fish. However, if space is the problem and you can’t afford a big aquarium, getting a small one will be better. But at the same time, you have to be cautious to prevent overstocking.Big aquarium and its advantagesAs per the aquarists, the bigger is an aquarium, the better it is. Although you need to spend a good amount on buying a big aquarium but believe me, being a one-time investment, it will be a good deal. The start-up cost will be high, and you have to put your time and efforts in its aquascaping. However, the final result will be awesome.Some of the major pros of getting a big size aquarium includeRoom for fish: Fish need a lot of space for playing, jumping, swirling and swimming. If you are giving them enough space, they could enjoy themselves and remain happy and gay. A big tank offers enough room for fish to have fun. Space for aquascaping: Aquascaping is an art of mimicking the natural ambiance of the sea in the aquarium. If you have a big size fish tank, you may easily include hardwoods, rocks, pebbles, and much more products to give it a natural look. You may decorate a big tank the way you want without causing any hindrance in the swimming space of fish. Adding more fish: Maybe in the future, you want to add more fish to your aquarium. Some might even gift you fish knowing the fact that you have a tank at your home. In such cases, if you have a big tank, you don’t have to think twice before adding them. Easy to maintain: Yes, believe it or not but a big tank is easy to maintain. Small tanks get overcrowded very quickly by the beginners. Also, they overfeed the fish due to less knowledge and experience. Removing the decaying materials and cleaning a small tank is also troublesome as compared to big ones. Better chemical dilution: When the tank is large the chances of overstocking decrease. Moreover, since in a large size tank the quantity of water is more, waste doesn’t accumulate. It helps in promoting better chemical dilution. It contributes to making the eco-system of the aquarium pollution-free. Temperature doesn’t fluctuate fast: Due to the large quantity of water the temperature remains relatively stable for long periods. Even if it swings, it takes a lot of time for the creatures inside to get affected by it. By the time you can bring the temperature within its range easily. Cons of large size aquariumOccupy large space: If you have a big tank, you need enough space to keep it properly. Changing the water: Large tank doesn’t call for frequent water changes, but whenever there is a need, it seems tedious. But the good news is there are many hi-tech water changing devices available today that can ease the process. Cleaning the tank: Although cleaning a large tank might seem tiresome but again with the help of certain equipment you may cut down the labor. Water leakage: Many aquarists fear the thought of experiencing water leakage in a bulky tank. However, if you are buying a quality tank from a quality store, this problem will never arise. With a large tank, you need to make sure that you are placing it in the safest corner of the house and away from the reach of kids. A sturdy and leveled surface is also a must.Other than these, if you are thinking to have aggressive species make sure you are getting nothing but a large size tank. Aggressive species are quite possessive about their territories. So they might end up die fighting with others for the same if kept in a small tank. Therefore for maintaining the peace among the housed species a large tank is vital.So these are some of the alluring advantages and disadvantages of having a big tank. Now let us take a look at the pros and cons of small size fish tank.Pros of a small aquariumLess investment: With a small fish tank, you don’t have to spend much amount. They come relatively less expensive than a large aquarium. Easy to place anywhere: With a small tank by your side you don’t have to think about setting it at a particular place. Although small tanks also require a proper placement still they are easy when compared to a large tank. Cons of a small tankOverstocking happens easily Waste, dead and decay materials start accumulating fast Water quality deteriorates very fast. A small tank becomes overstocked very easily especially by the new aquarists. The craze for new fish and adding them subsequently in the tank never seizes. This leads to quicker waste development in the water resulting in frequent water change requirements. The temperature fluctuates very fast in a small aquarium. So, while on the one hand, a small tank might seem inexpensive in the starting, it may cost you a lot later. Also, one needs a lot of experience and expertise before stocking the right fish in a small tank. You need to have an expensive filter and frequent water changes to maintain a pollution-free eco-system for better survival of fish.ConclusionIf we compare both the tanks and their requirements clearly a big tank scores more points and seems a better option to ponder. However, no matter which size you are getting you to need to be vigilant about them and keep a close eye on the fish and plants. So, choose your aquarium wisely and make your life easy.
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