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Maintaining the aquariums water quality

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When you get an aquarium and fill it with water and fish, their proper upkeep becomes your responsibility. Unlike other pets, fish can vocalize if facing any issue in their ambiance. All that you need is to keep an eagle eye on their movement and figure out whether they are facing any problem.Most of the aquarists have experienced that that quality of water influences the physical condition of the fish. Most of the times when the fish get sick, and there are no apparent reasons; the culprit is the water. Water quality issues, therefore, correspond to the health and fitness of your pet.Certain factors determine the quality of water. These are:The temperature of the water pH of the water Level of nitrogen compounds Hardness of water Presence of any toxic compounds First of all, it is highly essential to maintain the proper temperature of the water. Until the temperature is not appropriate as per the requirement of the species, their survival becomes difficult. Similarly, pH also plays a critical role. It is not only necessary to keep the pH as per the requirement of your aquarium plant but fish as well.After temperature and pH, another important thing which needs the heed is the presence of toxic compounds. Testing for the level of nitrogen compounds present in the water requires special attention. It is considered that nitrate should be under 40 ppm and ammonia and nitrate should measure to be zero.If the condition of the water is not up to the mark, fish comes under undesirable stress. When the water parameters like temperature and pH fluctuate- fish experience anxiety leading them to become sick. Similar is the case when the toxic compounds reach the threshold level.Besides stress, another thing with which fish has to compromise is their immune system. When the water quality is not proper or deteriorated, the immune system of the fish becomes weak. It makes them vulnerable to many other health-related issues. No matter how well you have kept the aquarium, if the water quality is not optimum, it wakes up the diseases and parasites which otherwise remain in the dormant form. Once the infestation of any parasite become apparent, treating it could become highly difficult.How to maintain the water qualityFirst of all, you need to check the level of nitrogen compounds in the water and the level of toxicity. If they are not within the recommended level, it is better to change 25% of the water every day. Keep changing until the set level is achieved. At the same time, keep on removing the debris as well.It is also advised to maintain the water temperature while changing. Do not add too hot or cold water as it would do more harm than help. You may also use a good aquarium water conditioner to retain the quality. Many water conditioners assist in neutralizing the toxic effects of nitrogen compounds and thereby help to maintain the water quality.Once you believe that the nitrogen compounds are under control, you may start changing 25% of water on a weekly basis rather daily.Some other important points to keep in mind for better upkeep of aquarium water include the following:Do not overcrowd the aquarium with fish and other aquatic organisms. Do not overfeed your aquarium inhabitants. Make sure you keep the water clean by changing it on a regular basis. Syphon out the debris from the substrate while changing the water. Put plant fertilizers only within the recommended dose. If you keep these points in handy, maintaining the water quality doesn’t become an issue. Other than these, it is also highly important to keep checking the water filter. Proper filter flow is necessary to make the water perfect for the fish. If you are keeping everything intact and still seeing fish in stress, maybe it’s the time to change the filter. Sometimes the filter element gets clogged and does not perform its function adequately. Therefore a regular checkup of the filter is necessary.Likewise, keep an eye on the pH and temperature of the water. Fish comes under stress when the pH and temperature rise or drop down repeatedly and frequently. So always keep a temperature and pH measuring device nearby.Your fish are your responsibility, and the water you are providing to them is their life. So never ignore the fact that maintaining the water quality of the aquarium is exceptionally essential to help flourish them.
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