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Make the aquarium clean with these 5 steps

Make the aquarium clean with these 5 stepsGetting an aquarium means getting a responsibility. You can’t just sit idle and let your fishes float in a cloudy water every day. Poorly rinsed gravel, calcium, pH adjusters and other such accessories placed in the tank causes the water gets hazy. Other than this, the debris from the fish and aquatic plants make the water dirty.It’s a fact that fish is one of those pets which do not require 24*7 attention. You don’t have to take them for a walk; neither have they demanded cuddling and hugging. But that doesn’t mean that you forget about their cleanliness and maintenance.Dirty and cloudy water is not fish-friendly and also make the aquarium look dull and dreary. This is when the need of cleaning the aquarium tank becomes essential. The fun fact is the process of cleaning the tank is very simple and does not require any additional tool or professionalism. You don’t need to be a master in the field and a little practice can make you perfect in it.So, here are some simple steps, following which, you can make your tank clean and spanking new. Take an insight and let your fish get some fresh ambiance in their dwelling place.1. Get your pets out of the tank: Take a big bowl or bucket and put some tank water in it. Spoon out every fish from the aquarium and place them in the bucket. This is going to be their abode for the next few hours. Make sure that the fishes don’t feel stressed in the process of transfer. A gentle relocation would help.This is the most feasible time to add new fish to the tank as well. New fish gets easily accustomed when you introduce it to a freshly prepared tank.2. Take out every accessory inside the tank: After the fish; it is the turn of gears to remove from the tank. Take out the gravel rocks, fish toys, decorative pieces, bubblers and every other thing you have placed inside the aquarium tank. Take extra care while removing them as they might have developed algae making them slippery and slimy. This increases the chances of them being prone to fall off and break down.Once all of them are out, rinse each accessory properly. Scrub off the algae developed in them. A clean strainer can be used for the purpose. Make sure that the clean strainer is washed off from the accessories as they may pose harmful to the fish. Later, rinse well and dry off each and every accessory properly.3. Time to remove the water and clean the tank: The water in the tank is full of bacteria important for the development and survival of the fish. Therefore, once you are removing the water make sure that you have saved some of it in a bowl or bucket for the reuse. The rest can be thrown in the sink.Once the tank has been emptied, clean it thoroughly with different products present in the market and online. Make sure that you are using only aquarium approved products. Using the detergents and household cleaners might cause more harm than good to the fish. Scrub off the developed algae from the sides and corners of the tank to make it clean. The outside of the tank can be cleaned as well. A damp cloth and later a tissue can be used to make the glass of the aquarium perfectly clean and stain-free.4. Add the water back in the tank: Once you are done with cleaning the fish aquarium accessories and the tank, you may add the water back. First, add the saved water and later the new one. Make sure that you are using dechlorinated water in the process. Once the aquarium gets filled to the required level, add water conditioner to make the water even more perfect for the fish.Other than the quality of water, temperature of water also plays a very important role. Ensure that the temperature of the water is perfect for the fish. You can make use of aquarium thermometer to double check. Too hot or too cold water might lead the fish to get hyperthermia and hypothermia respectively. Both the conditions are harmful to most of the aquarium fishes. Therefore maintaining the right temperature is important.5. Add the accessories and the fish: As soon the water seems perfect you can proceed with adding the aquarium accessories. Start by placing the gravels in their place, followed by the fish toys and other decorative items. Bubblers and filters can also be placed in this step. Once you finish doing it, start the machinery and let the water adjust for 20 to 30 minutes.The water attains the desired features after a few minutes including the temperature and bacteria level. This is the time when you can add the fish. Make this process very gently so that fish do not get stressed. Try not to touch the fish while relocating as they might get tensed and slip off on the floor.No wonder once your fish reach their old adobe which is now fresh and clean they would love the new environment of it. You, in turn, would love to see the more energetic swirling and whirling movements they will make.It is advised to clean the aquarium tank at least two times every month. This makes the water healthy for the fish which help them remain non-stressed, happy and contented inside their closed eco-system. Making use of only aquarium approved products is extremely vital for the well-being of the fish.Other than the products, temperature also plays a very important role. Therefore it is advised to always double check these important criteria while cleaning the aquarium tank and refilling it with water.Cleaning a tank also makes it look more alluring and appealing, elevating the décor of the room. It’s not only you who would love a clean tank but your swimmers living inside it as well.
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