Kohaku Butterfly Koi

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Kohaku Butterfly Koi imported from Asia, are a bright snowy white with orange/red (hi) markings with crisp outlines (called the kiwa) covering the head and body. The Kohaku

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Kohaku Butterfly Koi

Kohaku High Quality Koi, imported from Asia, are a bright snowy white with orange/red (hi) markings with crisp outlines (called the kiwa) covering the head and body. The Kohaku Koi we offer are rated by breeders as AAA Grade Select – the highest rating these fish can receive. They are produced by some of the best brood stock in Asia. Kohaku Koi are the most popular Koi in Japan. Kohaku, Sanke and Showa Koi are called the “Gosanke,” which means “The Three Families.” In the United States, “Gosanke” Koi are often referred to as “The Big Three.” These Koi are a must for the avid hobbyist.In younger fish, the orange/red markings on the head will be darker and richer than the markings on the rest of the body. As the fish matures, the orange/red coloration will darken on the body until it matches the color of the head. The Hi markings of these Koi cover between 50 and 70 percent of the fish. The beauty of these Koi lies in the purity of its white body and the intensity and depth of the red patterns. Koi can live longer than 200 years, but typically live 25 to 35 years. These high-quality Japanese Koi are a product of years of professional breeding, and will turn your pond into a showcase of champions.The ideal setup for Kohaku Koi is a 1000 gallon pond with a fine gravel substrate, rocks, and hardy plants. Because these Koi savor plant roots and will dig to get to them, be sure to place large rocks around the base of plants to protect them. You will also need to provide adequate filtration to maintain proper water conditions.Males are easily recognized by their concave anal section and occasionally by breeding spots on the head. Spawning may result in as many as 1,000 eggs, with fry emerging in approximately 4 to 7 days, depending on the water temperature. Feed fry small live foods or frozen daphnia for the first 3 to 4 weeks. At that time, gradually change their diet to crushed flake and pellet foods. Their color will emerge in about 3 to 12 weeks.Feed Kohaku Koi a quality pellet or flake food..


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