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Fish Tips – Things Not To Do


Do not change more than 20% of the water at one time

If you change too much of the aquarium’s water, you may upset the water’s balance. You might be killing off the water’s good bacteria.

If you change less than 20% of your tank’s existing water, you do not have to retreat for chlorine and chloramine. But, changing more than 20% will signal the retreatment process.

When doing water changes, always be careful not to change the tank’s overall water temperature by more than a couple of degrees. Changes in water temperature can cause stress in your fish and put them at risk of harmful bacteria.

Do not overcrowd your fish

An overcrowded aquarium may cause stress and disease that overwhelm your fish. Each fish needs enough room to swim and reach its potential size.

Too many fish in one tank can also throw the tank’s oxygen level off. Fish need a sufficient amount of oxygen to survive.

Do not over clean

Your tank, its water, and fish are all a delicate environment. They all work together to create the right amounts of good bacteria fish and plants need to survive.

If you remove and clean everything in the tank, you may upset the water’s balance. Only clean one or two pieces of equipment or decorations at a time. Allow time for the tank to adjust before more cleaning takes place.

Do not use cleaning chemicals

It’s just better to be safe than sorry when it comes to cleaning your tank and its equipment. Why risk placing toxins into your tank’s water. Some aquarium equipment and decorations have a coarse texture.  

An air stone might trap chemicals that make rinsing ineffective. In order to avoid a potential disaster, do not use any chemicals or soaps to clean anything.

In fact, using old tank water to wash or clean the filter and decorations is your best way to clean them. It may appear as though you are simply not really cleaning, but remember you do not want to upset the tank’s balance and put your fish in a stressful situation.

Do not overfeed

Fish will overeat and this can cause stress. Overeating can put fish in an unhealthy state that resembles the same condition in humans. Also, leftover food may cause water cloudiness or throw off your aquarium’s cycle.

Fish often enjoy eating three or four times a day. Just be sure they consume everything you provide each feeding.

Do not buy more than 3 or 4 fish at a time

As mentioned earlier, fish produce waste. If too much waste is introduced into the tank at once, it may disrupt the tank’s balance.

The tank will need time to balance itself out when adding new residents. Monitor the fish and water to be certain no problems were caused by the new additions.

Some problems that might occur by the addition of too many fish at once are; a lack of oxygen in the tank, water imbalance, and stress.

Add small numbers of fish and check them for any diseases or infections before adding more fish.

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